Currently, Explorer1 Music Group is offering two types of investments:

The first is an investment that allows the investor to share in the gross revenues generated by EX1 and it's Artists. Every month you receive a percentage of the revenue generated by the artist you choose to invest in.

The second is an equity investment into the parent entity of Explorer1 Music Group, Explorer1 Music, LLC.  This is a longer term opportunity to become a shareholder in Explorer1 Music Group.




Music is one of the most profitable but complex and fragmented industries in the world.

Income is generated globally by multiple revenue streams. When combined, depending on their level of success, a single artist can generate hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

In the traditional industry model, while the revenues and profitability are huge, the artist is last in the revenue waterfall and therefore their share of proceeds is on average 15-20% of the total income.

In 2019, Explorer1 Music Group (EX1) launched a new business model that for the first time allowed the artist to participate in 50% of the total revenues generated from their products, activities and brand.

In late 2020, EX1 formed Music Artist Partners, a fund through which investors can directly fund artists contracted to EX1.

As EX1 is the record label and owner of the copyrights of all music released by its Artists and also distributes and sells all of its Artists music products, EX1 controls and is the single point of collection for all associated revenues.


So instead of receiving a share of just a certain portion of the Artists income, investors are able to participate in the topline revenues created by EX1 and the Artist (before expenses and commissions and revenue are deducted).

As Music Artist Partners invests into each artist individually, its investors receive 10% of much more significant gross revenues.


Investment opportunities in the Music Artist Partner Fund are available now

Music Artist Partners has Artists currently contracted and pipeline of many more

Artists are already generating revenue for investors

Participate in up to 10% of the gross revenue generated by EX1 Artists funded by Music Artist Partners

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May 31, 2021; Explorer1 Music Group has just released its Series A financing round.

After launching in mid 2019, Explorer1 Music Group has proven it's business model with several named artists achieving touring and chart success.

With the business profitable and expanding rapidly, Explorer1 Music Group is now offering its first equity investment opportunity in it's Series A Investment Round.

The purpose of the Series A Round is to fund acquisitions and strategic investment in assets and businesses that will drive the overall growth of the business and its portfolio of companies.

Explorer1 Music Group has already identified (and in some cases contracted with) entities or companies that it will use the funds to acquire or strategically investment.

Deployment of funds occur immediately, resulting in an accelerated ROI for investors.

This equity investment opportunity is only available to accredited investors.


Equity Investment opportunity is available now

Accredited Investors only

Use of Proceeds already identified

Up to $5 Million of equity investment is available

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